Zveřejněné upoutávky z mých cest jsou často krátká videa z výletů, ze kterých nemám dostatek materiálu pro delší video nebo ho teprve chystám. Často se snažím experimentovat a vytvořit něco originálního. You can learn more about what I do here.

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Teasers of 2017

Xiamen full of golden beaches and relaxed vibe and I was also hired to take an artistic video for my friend.

Shanghai’s display of lights at night is probably the only thing I truly enjoy there.

The nightlife’s vibe which completely enchanted me in Doha, Qatar.

Two teasers from Italy, Firenze and Rome, before the release of Awe episode 4.

A teaser from frozen Longwangshan, China.

Dayun Hot Springs next to my place in China.

A teaser from historic Prague which is a place I consider my home.