The published teasers from my travels may not make it into full episodes of my adventures so I post these short videos for fun. I usually try to experiment in order to create some wonderful visual and artistic display that will leave you stunned. You can learn more about what I do here.

quest4discovery: travel blog and movies

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Teasers of 2017

Xiamen full of golden beaches and relaxed vibe and I was also hired to take an artistic video for my friend.

Shanghai’s display of lights at the Bund is something I truly enjoy there.

A teaser from frozen Longwangshan, China.

Dayun Hot Springs next to my place in China.

The nightlife’s vibe which completely enchanted me in Doha, Qatar.

Two teasers from Italy, Firenze and Rome, before the release the full movie from Italy.

A teaser from historic Prague which is a place I consider my home.