Movies of 2018

Every country boasts with different colorful cultures which I try to depict in movies. I’m ready to experience them on the way in movies from China, New Zealand, Australia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Singapore, India, Oman, Iran, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Egypt. You can learn more about what I do here.

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My lovely parents visited me after the completion of my contract in China and I organized an unforgettable two-week holiday in Wuzhen, Hangzhou, Xi’an and Beijing. Explore Chinese history and culture through our eyes.
00:45 – Living History of Wuzhen
01:43 – Beautiful Pagodas and Lifestyle of Hangzhou
02:58 – Terracotta Army, Chinese Paparazzi Finding my Parents in Xi’an
06:27 – The Great Wall – Jinshanling and The Forbidden City in Beijing

My friends arrived in China and we ventured to Zhangjiajie which inspired Pandora world of Avatar. Then we continued to Kunming where I danced with a group of lovely Chinese and played Majiang inside a Chinese family. Afterwards, Lijiang markets were absolutely stunning and we could truly enjoy some local culture. Then we proceed to Tiger Leaping Gorge for a one-day trek before we head to the Buddhist temples of Shangrila and local mountain villages where traditional black pottery is handmade. In the end, we came face to face with the mother nature in Yading Nature Reserve when reaching 4840m while hiking and discovering a hidden glacier lake off the beaten track. Explore the Chinese nature and culture through our eyes!

00:35 – You’re Now Entering Pandora in Zhangjiajie
03:29 – Amazing Lifestyle of Kunming
04:38 – Local Markets of Lijiang
05:50 – One-day Trek in Tiger Leaping Gorge
07:51 – Buddhist Temples of Shangri-la
09:50 – Black Pottery in Traditional Villages
11:28 – Trekking in Natural Paradise Yading

I left China and took a cheap flight from Chongqing to New Zealand. You’re about to explore pristine nature of New Zealand as well as the culture of indigenous Maori people in Matai Village. Enjoy New Zealand through my eyes! Timestamp:
00:46 – Sulphur Fields and Maori Tribe in Rotorua
04:10 – Beautiful Nature around Taupo before heading to the Southern Island
04:47 – Abel Tasman National Park nearby Nelson
06:15 – The Best of Both Worlds in Punakaiki’s Nature – Enjoy the sea and forests surrounded by cliffs
07:43 – Meeting Wayne while hitchhiking who accommodated me in his shack in Arthur’s Pass. Watch Kea Up Close, an Endemic Species of Alpine Parrots. Enjoy the Pristine Nature of nearby Mountains

Watch whales and experience the Insanity of Defqon 1 Festival in Sydney. Explore Blue Mountains and party in Melbourne. Timestamp:
00:37 – Sydney Whale Watching
02:06 – Defqon.1 Australia
04:08 – Beautiful Nature of Blue Mountains
05:20 – House Party in Melbourne
06:50 – Old Melbourne Gaol Prison

Enjoy the crazy lifestyle I joined while in Bangladesh. I’ve met so many kind and friendly people whose grace in their circumstances truly amazed me. Explore Bangladesh through my eyes! Timestamp:
00:37 – Chaos of Dhaka
02:00 – University Students’ Accommodation
02:42 – Amazing contrasts and friendly people of Sylhet
03:43 – Sylhet slums, happy boys playing with a kite made from plastic bag and duct tape
05:22 – Hitchhiking in Bangladesh with my friends
06:47 – Our little boat trip to the border of India, the real face of Bangladesh and its countryside
07:21 – Cox’s Bazar’s Mayhem

An incredible mental and physical challenge which I undertook in Nepal. At first, we took a plane to Lukla and then started a week-long trek towards the Everest Base Camp and Kala Patthar. The highest point was at 5545 meters. At this height, there’s about 45% of oxygen and as a result, loads of people were quite sick from altitude sickness. That’s why there was a helicopter flying away from Gorakshep every 15 minutes because of emergencies or altitude sickness. I was lucky enough to share the helicopter ride taking us around Mt Everest and the whole way back Lukla. It’s thanks to Raj who simply wanted to save time but he also wanted to help Jake who got sick. By the way, watching Sherpas carrying that heavy load and helping trekkers is truly something to admire. They are truly putting their life on the line in many cases while not spending almost time with their family. Our Sherpa Rinje was truly awesome and we could also visit some of his relatives on the way. Don’t forget to bring lots of pills for treating water but from 5000 meters upwards, I wouldn’t recommend it due to possible parasites. Thus buy some water in Lobuche (4440 meters) upwards. You’ll see the parasite in the video haha! Timestamp:
01:30 – Landing in Lukla and starting the trek
04:47 – The first snow
08:55 – Arriving at our last base in Gorekshep before Base Camp
10:22 – Taking a helicopter back to Lukla

Incredible differences and variety among cities and people in India. Visit Delhi, Agra, Jaipur and Mumbai. Explore this crazy country’s lifestyle through my eyes! Timestamp:
00:40 – Studying Sikhism with Ravi who takes me to Sikh temples and museum describing Sikh history and culture. It was interesting to wear a turban for a day
02:35 – Glorious Taj Mahal
03:07 – Amazing lifestyle in Jaipur and petting a cobra nearby an old fortress
05:02 – Jaipur’s traditional doll theater
05:56 – Crazy contrasts of Mumbai
07:25 – Mortal Kombat commuting in Mumbai

I met two funny Polish girls after my arrival in Muscat. We rented a car together and headed out into the wasteland in order to discover what Oman has to offer. Masirah Island especially blew our minds since it’s mostly desolate with destroyed buildings left behind with a lot of fishing equipment. People had to abandon the island in 2007 when a severe cyclone hit the island. The vast majority of the island’s population never returned. Explore Oman through our eyes! Timestamp:
00:37 – Muscat and “fixing” the car bumper
01:06 – Swimming in Bimmah Sinkhole
01:44 – Chilling on random beaches on the way to Masirah Island
02:08 – Always camping at the most random places in the middle of nowhere
02:41 – Post-apocalyptic Masirah Island
05:45 – Wadi Al-Shab Oasis

Iran was truly an incredible adventure. Wherever I went, I met only the kindest people whether in bazaars or in deserts. Cities visited include Isfahan, Kashan, Abyaneh, Tehran, Lavasan, Qazvin, Masouleh, Tabriz, Kandevan and Ardabil. Timestamp:
00:38 – I start in Isfahan where we can marvel at some incredible Persian architecture
01:52 – Then I continue to a village with one Iranian family where we cook some delicious Iranian food and then sleep in traditional Corsi in which we use a tray of burning charcoal buried under ash as heating. It’s hidden under a table and then covered by many blankets to keep the heat in.
03:38 – Historic Kashan with so many places to see. They have an underground city with a huge reservoir for water. There’s also Maranjab desert with a nearby salt lake.
07:05 – Red village called Abyaneh where iron used to be mined. The material was used in construction of this place which gives it this rusty color. People there are very traditional and wear their special set of clothes – women have a white scarf with dots, men wear wide black trousers.
08:24 – Historic bathhouses and restaurants of Kashan 09:22 – Arriving in Tehran.
10:28 – Museum of Holy Defense in Tehran depicting propaganda around revolution and showcasing weapons.
11:53 – Our little bike trip in Lavasan with Shabi and her family.
12:13 – Qazvin’s lifestyle.
12:53 – Masouleh village located on steep mountain.
13:14 – Kandevan village where people live in caves. There are about 300 inhabitants who speak Turkish.
14:53 – Friendly people of Tabriz inviting us for tea and writing best wishes.
15:08 – We discovered a war machinery graveyard on the outskirts of Ardabil

I crossed the border on land in Astara which was a funny experience. As I was squeezed among many people, I made friends who accommodated me on their farm out of the blue and they also dropped me in Baku the next day. Baku turned out to be really awesome with amazing architecture. My friend Savalan took me to Oguz and Qabala and I had a chance to meet his kind family. I relaxed in Sheki afterwards before I went to Armenia with a little stop in Georgia to meet my friend. In Armenia, I rented a car with Anna and we made our way to various places such as lake Sevan, many cathedrals, Dilijan and Vanadzor. The rest of my days, I chilled in Yerevan before my departure to Egypt. Timestamp:
00:35 – Border crossing between Iran and Azerbaijan
00:51 – Meeting an Azerbaijani family on their farm
02:02 – Baku lifestyle
02:51 – Staying with Savalan’s family in Oguz
03:15 – Qabala’s beautiful mountains and lake
04:18 – Relaxing in Sheki
04:40 – Road trip in Armenia with Anna
06:13 – Armenian Genocide Memorial
06:27 – Garni Temple

Damn, how to describe my experience in Egypt? I could definitely say it was truly an adventure that will stick in my memory. Thanks to Hesham, my “Saracen brother”, I could truly enjoy my time there to its fullest potential and see amazing places while avoiding scams and danger. The Pyramids and other ancient sights like Valley of Kings and Karnak are so unique and astounding that I was just standing in awe and I can recommend it so highly. A bit of advice, this place is not for beginners. Be aware and don’t trust locals much. Try to stay with locals or friends you can trust if you’re not going with a tour.

00:36 – Meeting my friend Hesham and heading to busy Cairo streets
02:14 – Heading to the Pyramids on fourwheelers and a little tour around those marvelous ancient structures
03:54 – Driving fast in a nearby desert on a fourwheeler and watching the sunset over the Pyramids
05:37 – Arriving in Luxor full of incredible ancient sights
06:26 – Exploring the Valley of Kings and gazing at the amazing hieroglyphs still teeming with colors after all those millennia
07:35 – Attending a traditional open-air Sa’ed wedding in a local neighborhood
09:04 – Departing to Karnak Temple with my friends and enjoying the incredible history we’re walking in
11:13 – Heading to Banana Island on the Nile where we observe crocodiles
12:43 – Bound for Alexandria
13:40 – Egyptian disco full of cringy dudes and belly dancers