Movies of 2017

Movies of 2017 will take you into nature and cities where you can marvel at the beauty I come across on my insane journey. All movies present a short story of various places with fitting music in the background. You can learn more about what I do here.

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quest4discovery: travel blog and movies

Follow the steps through Yandangshan, Wuyishan, and Lishui. Discover rice fields, mountains, waterfalls, history and amazing architecture and go hitchhiking on this solitary trip.

Marvel at the beauty unfolding before your very eyes. Travel through Huangshan (The Yellow Mountain) in Anhui province of China.

Follow the steps through Longwangshan in Zhejiang province of China with a group of Chinese locals. Discover beautiful nature full of frozen trees on top of the mountain and small waterfalls.

Tulou (earth houses) of Hakka people where each house has always been occupied by an extended family. Their ancestral lineage goes back even 700 years. Hakka are one of 50+ ethnic minorities in China.

Venture through Italy and discover ancient history of a lost civilization and European renaissance. What a truly inspirational trip seeing the remnants of a lost civilization we could learn so much from so that we won’t repeat the same mistakes. It’s truly remarkable to get inspired by these echoes of the past.

Visit another matrix in the Middle East and see what a strange world full of opposite cultures we live in. This short layover was still enough in order to be completely mind-blown. Follow the steps through Arabic markets and the breathtaking cityscape of Doha.

A very nostalgic comeback to places from my childhood, teenage years as well as the most recent places I left behind for some time. I such a lovely time seeing my awesome family I’m so thankful for. Please enjoy the beauty of my own country, the Czech Republic.

Ostatky (Leftovers) are certainly a cultural blast in my own country because we went from door to door in masks and we were playing instruments, drinking and eating the leftovers before Easter fasting. As a result, we all had a really great time despite the freezing weather. We also had an honorary presidential / dictatorial delegation from the US, Russia, North Korea, and our president who arrived in an old Lada rented by the one and only true Slav, Vladimir Putin.