Movies 2010 – 2014

Such incredible years full of changes compacted into a single page. Regardless, I consider this to be an era just before the actual Quest4Discovery started as I was quite poor yet I managed to use my money wisely while helping others and exploring the bits of the world. It is also why the production value of the first videos isn’t that high but rather a personal memento because I bought proper tools later. Each year pushed the bar higher in my efforts but it also built my very character. 

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In 2010, I just turned eighteen and my fervor to start exploring could not be satiated. I participated in a volunteer project in Belgium at MIR Caravan theater festival in Namur. A great opportunity to practice French and become less of a rookie.

In that same year, my brother and I attended a huge rave called Qlimax, which was the first event of its kind ever in my life.

The following year 2011 presented itself with the opportunity to take part in Defqon 1 festival in Holland with my ex. What a great bash full of memories! It was then followed by completely different experience at a volunteer project in Buchenwald ex-concentration camp in Weimar, Germany.

I started to think deeply about collectivist ideologies and how much potential evil there is in everyone of us. There were many thought running through my head as I was seething through a pile of potential artifacts such as porcelain with SS symbols or false teeth of prisoners. What also shocked me back then were the communist NKVD camp add-ons of the former extermination camps by national socialists.

After organizing a huge birthday bash, I quickly departed to then biggest journey which consisted of three volunteer project in a row. The first was in Iceland which included an archaeological excavations around ruins of a 10th-century monastery. We could travel around as group in a van in our free time so we could see huge parts of Iceland.

The next two continued in Germany wherein one was about a summer camp for teens and kids while the last one took a quick turn into historical lessons inside Sachsenhausen concentration camp in Oranienburg. At the very end, I visited Auschwitz with a friend which concluded my studies of these horrors.

The year of 2013 is marked by interpreting in Spain for a hotel company and volunteering in Killarney National Park in Ireland.  The project was incredible as we spent two weeks in nature without much technology as we helped with rhododendron infestation of the park.

The journey was supposed to continue in Scotland but as I was completely broke in Dublin, one couchsurfer helped me. He was a street artist on Grafton Street building sand statues. He finished them and I was then supposed to stay there for an hour or more and I’d get 60% of the profits. Euros were just pouring in as I was pretending to finish the statues and people surrounded me. It saved my trip back then while creating a hilarious story being a broke impostor street artist in Dublin.

My journey during this year took me to Turkey and Slovenia where I was a volunteer leader at summer camps for teenagers and kids. This is when I was a volunteer last time after four years of service around Europe.

The rest of the journey was traveling around Turkey, Georgia, Hungary, Slovakia, and Austria. Right after the journey, I moved to Prague where a world of opportunities unfolded.