Not all wealth is silver and gold

Because most of the time,

The prize isn’t the endgame,

But the road towards it.

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Expat in China

I would like to invite to a free online webinar where we deal with the second half of my first book – i.e. my work and travel experience in China, an overview of mind-blowing things I learned there and Q&A.

How do Chinese spend their leisure time? What’s the internet like? What apps do they use and how do they work? What’s the transport like?

What are some key cultural concept Chinese live by? Where do they come from? What impact did the Cultural Revolution have on China? How are these concept reflected in practical life?

Are some stereotypes true? What are some stereotypes held by the Chinese? How are traditions different? What are some interesting superstitions that Chinese hold?

Astounding pictures with crazy backstories from China.

In the last hour, you can ask me anything surrounding China or address / add to issues which I mention in my monologue.

All Around East Asia

Dreams should come true and one can fulfil them by working hard. I’d therefore like to inspire people to travel more and reach for their goals because many are afraid to take the first leap of faith. I decided to embark on a 3-month solo adventure around Eastern Asia.

What is the lifestyle in Tokyo like? Are game centers really that weird? What is the firefighters’ training for the cases of earthquakes like? What’s it like to live inside a Japanese family and how about the lifestyle of Sumo wrestlers and Geisha companions?

What’s the relationship with Japan and are parties in Seoul really so crazy? The Mud festival in Boryeong certainly  proves that Koreans know how to party. My Korean friends and I rented a big apartment where we had a great party.

Hualien is probably known for being a cultural hub, astounding nature as well as a festival of local tribes. What is it like to dance in a circles with hundreds of tribe members? How can you get greeted by a random fisherman on the sea?

Can anything top the nature of Cebu and swimming with whale sharks? Are lifestyles in Filipino villages really interesting? Is Palawan truly a paradise for diving and discovering desolate islands? How are foreigners greeted by Batak tribe that still hunts in the jungle? What are the endless contrasts inside Manila? Are slums and life inside them dangerous? Take a sneak peek into volunteering for True Manila.

Unbelievable hospitality and natural wonders of Java hitchhiking my way to Bali.

How I almost got a reverse cultural shock inside a little ‘Europe’ in Asia and what are gambling and strict laws like?

Temples, Buddhism and an afternoon chat spent with monks. Are there any ethical issues with the Tiger Kingdom? Is Bangkok the city of vice and is Thailand ‘destroyed’ because of the flow of tourists?